The expression Biodanza is composed of the Greek word “bio” meaning life, and Spanish “danza”, dance. This means Biodanza can be loosely translated as Life Dance, or the Dance of Life.

It is a holistic system of connection between movement, music, and emotion and grows as you experience yourself and who you are. By authentically expressing ourselves through dance, we strengthen our identity and individuality, naturally encourage creativity, vitality, and our ability to enjoy life as it happens.

Biodanza has beneficial effects on both physical and mental aspects of our health. We find its beginnings in South America around 1960, where it was created by Chilean anthropologist, psychologist, and artist Rolando Toro. He described Biodanza as “the process of integrating body and soul through music, dance, and uncontrolled expression of emotions.” This system of personal development spread from Chile throughout the entire world and is now practiced in more than 50 countries.


A Biodanza lesson is called a Vivencia, which means “experiencing”. Lessons last approximately two hours, and have a predetermined theme and dynamic. Every Vivencia consists of a series of carefully sorted dances – individual, pairs, groups, active and some that allow you to be absorbed in to yourself. The dances do not have premeditated choreography, they are primarily about expressing the authentic emotions from our inner self, which is also why in Biodanza there is no right or wrong way. Biodanza offers a safe space to experience who we are at the given moment. This happening has a positive effect on our body, mind, and relationships. In the words of its founder “poetry of the human composition”. Biodanza brings more happiness and love in to our daily lives.

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