Biodanza School Czech Republic will start in September 2019.  

Biodanza School – System Rolando Toro is a scientifically funded and internationally recognized training, which includes experiencing and joy. It is a three-year training, where students will get know the Biodanza method and its principles in depth and will practically experience the theory.

Biodanza School contains 28 mandatory weekend modules with given topics and 3 others deepening Biodanza workshops. The concept of the Biodanza School Czech Republic is combined – either in Prague or as residential in a center outside of Prague. The modules will be facilitated by Markéta Hrabalová, Aneta Končulová and foreign lecturers with the authorized qualifications. 

Each model consists of theoretical and experimental / dancing part. All students receive study materials in Czech for individual study. The training will be in Czech language or with translation into Czech.

For successful completion of the school and obtaining an international certificate, it is necessary to pass 8 supervisions and write & present a monography (written work on a specialized topic). 

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