Biodanza School

Certified training for Biodanza facilitators.


Biodanza School, the Rolando Toro system, is a comprehensive training that combines dance, experience and theory. It is an internationally recognized concept that is based on scientific foundations. The training leads to a profound personal transformation and opens up the possibility of a new occupation. We learn through our own experiences while gaining a broad knowledge from different disciplines to understand how Biodanza works.

Biodanza School includes 30 mandatory modules and 3 Biodanza deepening seminars. The modules are led by experienced lecturers from the Czech Republic and abroad with relevant qualifications.

Each module includes a theoretical and experiential ~ dance part. Participants will receive study materials in Czech (or other language if needed) for all modules. The training is conducted in Czech or interpreted into Czech from various languages. Training takes place on weekends either in Prague or in selected centres in the Czech Republic.

Conditions for obtaining the international certificate of Biodanza facilitator: participation in all weekend modules, 8 supervisions, final written work on a selected topic, the so-called monography.

Biodanza School Czech Republic Directors  – Markéta Hrabalová & Aneta Končulová.

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Biodanza School – New training from September 2023

Applications and all information at

Biodanza School – Invitation from Markéta Hrabalová and Aneta Končulová – New Biodanza training from September 2023