One Day Workshop in Praha: THE JOURNEY OF THE HEART

One Day Workshop in Praha: THE JOURNEY OF THE HEART

Datum a čas: 10.08.2019 10:00 - 18:00

In our heart, we carry the key to live a fulfilled life. Thanks to feelings, we can perceive its fragility, softness and strength. Only in connection with our heart can we perceive good, love and kindness in and around us.

During a one-day seminar, we will set out for a journey and allow our hearts to lead it. We will nourish the heart, so it can be filled with happiness. We will connect with an unlimited source of joy and divine essence.

Allow your heart to be nourished by love and gratitude in the dance. Be who you really are and let your body to connect through the dance with the presence, joy and love. Love is the energy of life.

When: Saturday August 17th 2019 from 10 am – 6 pm.

Where: Maitrea, Týnská ulička 6, Praha 1.

Price of the workshop: 1.100 CZK – till 10. July 2019 – registration and payment of the deposit 500 CZK is needed (account number: 200 11 88 171 / 2010). After that is the price: 1.300 CZK.

The workshop will be held in Czech language and will be translated into English or German if needed.

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