Datum a čas: 05.06.2019 18:30 - 21:00

Dance and perceive in a dance all 4 elements. We will connect with the EARTH, which means weight, consistency and quality of acceptance. It gives us stability, nutrition and, at the same time it is the element from which life flourishes. FIRE represents the intensity and passion, the power of transformation, and the art of creating. WATER carries the power of variability, dissolution, and cleansing. The element of water in our lives renders sensitivity, sensuality and flexibility. Symbolic significance for AIR is lightness, fantasy, dreams. It allows us to see things from above. It’s the breath of life.. 

In the dance we will gradually sense the power of all 4 elements. We will perceive their yin and yang essence. Through dance and movement, we bring them through our body into balance. It can then be more easily transferred into our everyday life and be in balance.

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