Weekend Workshop A JOURNEY INTO THE HEART OF TRANCE, Philippe Lenaif (Belgium)

Weekend Workshop A JOURNEY INTO THE HEART OF TRANCE, Philippe Lenaif (Belgium)

Datum a čas: 16.03.2018 - 18.03.2018 0:00

Dancing in a state of trance helps to free the soul from the prison of the ego. Allows us to connect with the divine within, makes us experience other dimensions of oneself. The trance puts us in contact with dimensions of ourselves which pulsate with an energy as beneficial as life-giving, as well as a possibility of going past our limitative identifications.

The word trance comes, etymologically, from the Latin term „transire“, transit, transport, pass from one state to another. Its usual meaning is „change of state of consciousness“. The phrases „falling into a trance“ and „going into a trance“ refer to a psycho-physiological mechanism in which the person gives herself over to certain external or internal conditions to enter a different state of consciousness.

The practices of trance are universal and correspond „simply“ to a natural modality of functioning of our consciousness and our nervous system. Trance states are always accompanied by cenesthetic and neurovegetative changes. So, trance rhymes with traveling through altered states of consciousness which can be light or deep, soft or intense, peaceful or vital, confident or frightful…..

In the secure environment of Biodanza, we can experience various forms of trances and savor all the benefits, as long as the dancer feels confident and surrenders to the call of his soul. During this workshop, we will explore some great types of trances, some subtle and some deeper.

Philippe Lenaif

Philippe is an engineer and worked for more than thirty years as a project manager in a large international group. Trained in psychoanalysis and Eriksonian hypnosis, NLP Master Practitioner, director of the school of Biodanza of Soignies. He’s been running Biodanza workshops and Shamanic ceremonies around the world for more than 20 years.

Musician, singer, initiated as Sacred Percussionist in the mediumistic tradition of Umbanda in Brazil. He is an expert in altered states of consciousness, trance of possession and shamanic healing. At the moment he is busy developing the sacred dance of healing Mahorikatan.

He is the author of three books on shamanism and has just released his second CD „Oceans & Angels“ – more details and tracks to listen to at www.coregane.org

Practical information:

The workshop will be in held in the center: Polosamota Buchov. (www.buchov.cz) Adress: Buchov 3, 257 01 Postupice.The center is approx. 60 km from Prague, 50 minutes by car.

The workshop starts on Friday at 6 PM and ends on Sunday in the afternoon (the exact time depends on workshop flow – estimated end between 2 PM and 7 PM). The first food is a diner Friday evening and the last join meal is a lunch on Sunday.

Arrival and registration is on Friday 5 – 6 PM. At 6 PM starts the dinners. The program starts at 7:30.

Price for the workshop: 3.500 CZK (with the registration and payment till February 9th). After this dat eis the price 3.900 CZK. (the whole payment is in advance via bank transfer). Price for accommodation and food: 1.400 CZK (if you sleep in a bed in a room) and 1.200 CZK (if you sleep on a mattress). Priorities is the staying in rooms. After the capacity is full, that is the possibility of sleeping on mattress. (The payment is cash before the workshop start).

For the workshop you can register HERE

NOTIFICATION: The workshop is not suitable for beginners! It is necessary to have experience with Biodanza (regular groups or participation on weekend workshop).

The workshop will be held in English and translated into Czech.

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